Afternoon Lessons

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    • Afternoon Lessons

      My daughters, Eloise & Charlotte Chantry (11 & 8 years old) are booked on morning ski lessons with your ski school through Crystal Holidays during week commencing 5th April (we will be staying in Park Piolets Spa Hotel).
      We would like to book them to also have afternoon lessons on 3 of the days please.
      Please could you advise how we add these afternoon lessons to our bookings, and ideally keep them within the same groups and same instructors.
      many thanks,
      Steve Chantry
    • Hi Steve,

      Thanks for your query.

      Just to clarify, we are an information and booking site so we do not own the ski school, we just provide lessons through them.

      Unfortunately full day lessons don't currently exist, so no group would be the same in the morning and the afternoon. As well as this, afternoon lessons only become available when the morning lessons are full.

      Additionally, there is no way to guarantee the same group with the same instructor. Your daughters would progress much more quickly than their morning group which would mean they would be out of sync with the rest of the group.

      I would suggest taking a look at private lessons over group lessons if you would like your daughters to progress more quickly throughout your holiday - these are available in both the morning and afternoons.

      Let me know if I can do anything further to assist.

      Best wishes,