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      Me and two friends are in the process of booking flights, hire car & hotel etcc.. for the 5th December 2010!

      We are worried about the amount of runs that will be open and anticipated snow fall. Can anyone shed any light on this matter as we've never been to andorra before. Also looking at booking the SportHotel, any comments will be greatly received.

    • Parts of Grandvalira have been open today and will be open again tomorrow. It's closing for the week then they'll open as much as possible from next weekend for the season. There's been quite a lot of snow so far and more today, but early season is always a bit unpredictable. It has been really cold recently with good conditions for snow making too.

      As for the Hotel Sport it's a really nice 4 star in a great location. It's a 'traditional' ski hotel with lots of wood and a nice atmosphere.
    • hey thanks for the info Steve, it sounds fairly promising then. me and Anth booked the flights yesterday so we are now hoping to get some snowboarding done lol. If you find out anymore weather changes or if it snows much please keep us updated.

      Thanks pal
    • Hey Chris

      We headed over to Arcalis boarding today in the Vallnord ski area. The snow was amazing its been coming down nicely for the last 2 days, there was tons of fresh powder and hardly anyone there to share it with. Fab day!!

      Tomorrow we are heading over to El Tarter for the day as they've had loads of new snow there too!! I can let you know then exactly how its looking.

      Not long till your here you must be pretty excited 8o If you haven't got your lift passes or equipment yet you can book it online at soldeu-andorra.com/shop then your pass will delivered directly to you when you arrive

    • The snow in El tarter could not have been better :thumbsup: We were on soft smooth pistes and powder nearly up to our shins all day! No one else around and just to make it even better the sun was shining all day.

      After an early start up the mountain we finished up around 3pm pretty tired as there was no stopping for lunch because the snow was just too good!