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What To Wear

If this is your first time heading out to a winter resort, you may be amazed at the variety of weather you encounter. The weather in Andorra can be very localised and change very quickly. This means that you could set off for the slopes in the morning in beautiful sunshine, but just an hour later be caught up in a blizzard, therefore you should be prepared for all types of weather when you go skiing or snowboarding.

This guide has been put together to help you recognise some of the most important things to take with you and how to dress so you will be comfortable. There are also a few items that you might want to get as an extra.

Bring lots of layers with you so that you can adjust your clothing according to the weather conditions. 


Growing in popularity, wearing a helmet will help keep you both safer and warmer. It's not just you to think about, but also people around you on the slopes.  Whilst wearing a helmet on the slopes in Andorra is not compulsory it is highly recommended.


There are loads of different types of hats that you can get in all sorts of shapes and designs. It's essential to keep your head warm!

Lip Salve

Get a good lip salve and protect your lips. You'll probably find that they get really dry when they are exposed to extreme temperatures and a high SPF will also protect your lips from the sun.


Wearing sunglasses with UV protection will not only protect your eyes, but help you see the slopes. When the sun is shining, it reflects off the snow and can make it very difficult to see. It is recommended to have plastic lenses in case you break them.


Taking a scarf can be very useful to keep the wind out of your face as well as stopping drafts getting down your jacket!

Neck Warmer

You may find a neck warmer easier to use than a scarf on the mountain, plus you can get some that double as a hat.


Goggles are essential, especially in bad weather. They will protect your eyes and you can get special lenses that help your visibility in poor light conditions.

Ski Jacket

There is a huge range of jackets to choose from, but make sure yours is waterproof and preferably windproof. Jackets are also available with zip-in linings so you can change it according to the weather.

Base Layer

It is a lot easier to regulate your temperature by wearing layers as you can take one off or put one on whilst on the slopes.  Make sure you pack a few of these in your case.

Sun Cream

It is very important to regularly apply sun cream to exposed areas. There are creams specifically designed for snow sports, often coming in small tubes ideal for popping in a pocket.


Waterproof gloves are essential for both skiers and snowboarders. You can get gloves with wrist guards built in which can save lots of effort for snowboarders if you choose to wear them.

Hydration Backpack

With all this kit to take on the mountain, you may want to take a rucksack. You can save money by packing a snack, or get a "hydration pack" to fill with water for easy access to a drink.


Wearing waterproof and weatherproof salopettes or ski pants will keep your legs warm and dry, especially for beginner snowboarders who will spend a lot of time on their bums!

Ski Socks

Good quality ski socks are essential to keep your feet warm all day. It's best to just wear the one pair otherwise you may find they will rub and make your feet uncomfortable.

Hopefully this information has helped those of you hitting the slopes for the first time and given you some ideas about what you need to take, now you just need to get packing and come and join us!

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