GS(SL) training request

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    • GS(SL) training request

      Last two years our junior ski team from Russia (Zvenigorod) spent 1 week of training in El Tarter. We enjoyed mountains, weather, food and opportunity to join to local teams and use Mussol slope. We really appreciate Jordi Pujol for the help in the arrangement.
      Unfortunately Jordi e-mail is not valid longer.

      We would like to ask you to help us to arrange the same opportunity in February 2020.

      We are planning to visit El Tarter on the week starting Feb 17 or Feb 24. Feb 17-22 is more preferable but we can change if you advice so.
      There is a team of 4 juniors ( level 3-4 of 6 max) of 11-13 years old and their trainer.
      Usually the team is doing both SL and GS, so we are ready for both styles.

      Is it possible to join local school on the Mussol slope?
      Thank you in advance!