Ski Instructor job 19/20 Season

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    • Ski Instructor job 19/20 Season

      Hi my name is Greg

      I would like to apply for a position of a Ski Instructor. I have completed my CSIA Level 1 and Level 2 Extended in Andorra . For the last winter season I worked as a Skiing Instructor in Poland and currently do shadowing in Hemel Hempstead as practice for next winter.I would’ve worked there however at the time I didn’t hold First Aid Two Days certificate that is essential to work as a Ski Instructor in the UK . I have now completed a First Aid Course and therefore I got an application to work for them.
      I am a dual citizen, English and Polish. I currently reside in UK.I speak fluently in both languages and I cope with Russian quite well.

      I would welcome any information or application forms required.

      kind regards
      Greg Jaworski