Laundry facilities soldeu or close by?

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    • Laundry facilities soldeu or close by?


      Just wondering if there are any laundry facilities in soldue or anywhere close by?
      Staying in an apartment for two weeks but it doesn’t have a washing machine etc.
      do any hotels offer this service to non guests if no other options?? Thanks for the help :)
    • Hi Gebee,

      Thanks for your post. There's a laundrette next to Trinny's supermarket in Soldeu - you'll need to go into the shop and pay for the laundry coins. It's approx €6 for a wash and dry.

      Trinny's is located at the top of the hill, past Hotel Maistre and next to Cafe del Bosc. You can see it located on the map here:

      Hope this helps but please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions.