Taxi Soldeu to El Tarter

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    • Taxi Soldeu to El Tarter


      Please could you tell me how much a taxi would cost from Soldeu to El Tarter, and how easy it is to get one after a night out, eg. 2am?

      We're thinking of staying in El Tarter but read your blog that the nightlife isn't very busy there so would have to go out in Soldeu. Trying to decide if we need to stay in Soldeu.


      Pete & Sarah
    • Hi both,

      Thanks for your post,

      Unfortunatley getting a taxi isn't that easy. No taxis are based in the resort, so they have to travel up from the main capital (which is about 25-30 mins away) so you have to order a good 45 mins before you need it. If you are in a bar, there should be some one that can order on your behalf.

      The biggest problem is that they charge to get to you, as well as the journey, so a 3-5min ride to El Tarter could be €25+.

      It's not impossible to do, but it isn't done regularly and it's expensive and a bit of a faff.

      Hope this helps,