Snowboarding lessons (intermediate)

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    • Snowboarding lessons (intermediate)


      Can anyone advise me please? I'm looking for snowboarding lessons, preferable group, though will do private for a few hours if nothing else is available.

      First day on the slopes is 1st March 2018, the group lessons though this website only seem to start on 3rd March!

      Can anyone help signpost me to lessons, schools etc.

    • Hi Rich,

      Thanks for your post. There is only one ski school in Soldeu, so the only group lessons that are available are the ones advertised on our website which are run by Grandvalira (starting on Mondays and Saturdays).

      If you would like to have lessons on 1st March then your only option would be to arrange private lessons, and these can be booked by completing the form at the bottom of the following page: .

      I hope this helps but please let us know if you have any other questions.

      Kind Regards,