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    • Enquiry about Special offer


      We are a bunch of beginners(Am stressing on this as we haven't set our foot on snow so far) who want to explore skiing for the first time. I have few queries about the special offer:
      1. How many adults can use one package?
      2. Do we have to purchase any additional pass(apart from the lift pass that is present in the package)?
      3. Can the 2 day lesson be compressed to a one day(as our trip allows us to be in Andorra for only one day)?

      Hoping for a quick reply as we are planning to attend classes this saturday if everything is according to our plan.
    • Hi Naman,

      Thanks for your post and please accept our apologies for the slight delay in response.

      I presume that you are referring to the Ski Saver Packages special offer which includes lift pass, group lessons and equipment?

      1. With the ski saver packages you can add as many adults to the booking as you wish. The prices on our booking website are per person, so the total cost of your booking will increase for each adult that you add on.

      Usually all you would need to do is increase the product quantity when it comes to booking on our booking website (booking.soldeu.com/en/soldeu/c…/special-offers/ski/adult), but unfortunately we have a 72 hour cut off period on our website for bookings so you wouldn't be able to physically book this on our website yourself now. However, if you would like to make a booking for this Saturday then please let me know exactly what it is you're after and I can send you an online secure payment link and we can do the rest at our end.

      2. The special ski saver package includes your lift pass for the duration of your lessons (in this case Saturday and Sunday) so providing you are only intending on skiing for these two days then you would not need to purchase any additional lift passes.

      3. Group lessons cannot be compressed into a single day. If you only want to ski in Soldeu for one day only then you would need to arrange private lessons instead. For more information on private lessons prices and how to book please see soldeu.com/private-lessons/

      If you would like me to make your booking for you could you please take a look at the attached image and let me know exactly what you would like to book? I.e. do you want to include lunch and a helmet, and how many adults you would like to book for, what is your start date and duration?

      Please note that due to this being a last minute booking, you would have to pay by 6pm (CET) today in order to allow us to book your ski saver package with our suppliers.

      Whilst we do check the forum on a regular basis, to ensure a speedy response please could you therefore respond to info@andorraresorts.com

      Many thanks,

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