Plus Size

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    • Hi,
      We will be arriving in 2 weeks, however, I am rather a large lady! I have tried on my partners boots and they wont fasten due to the size of my legs.
      Do you offer any plus size attire for hire? I cant wait to get on the slopes but fear I may not be able to :/
    • Hi MadameShelie,

      Thanks for your post.

      Is it your calves that are causing the problem? If so I would recommend asking in the hire shop for rear fastening boots (The clips are at the back, rather than on the front of the boot). These generally are more forgiving on your legs.

      Please don't fret, your not the first and won't be the last. Just ensure you are honest when doing the boot fitting about the comfort and the staff will ensure you get a pair of boots that are comfy (well, as comfy as ski boots can be!!).

      Hope this helps and give us a shout if you would like any more info.

    • Hi Ian

      Thank you for the reply and info.
      As I said I am a large lady so yes I do have large calves.
      We have pre booked the hire equipment but I dont want to be disappointed when I arrive and not be able to ski.
      I have read that some boots are more roomy than others, does the hire shop have a good range?
      Thank you in advance
    • Hi Madameshelie,

      Thanks for your post.

      Each of our hire shops offer a variety of brands of ski boots so there is a good range. I have been in touch with the Rentals Team for you and they have advised that brands such as Rossignol and Nordica in particular have a wider fit and width adjustable settings so I would recommend asking to try these brands on in the first instance.

      Until you’re in the shop it’s not possible to say exactly which boots will fit best and unfortunately we cannot guarantee what availability the shop will have when you arrive, however please be reassured that the Rentals team are really friendly and patient and they will be happy to help find boots which are comfortable for you. I’m confident that you will be in good hands with the Rentals team.

      I hope this helps to reassure you, but if you have any further queries please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

      Best wishes,