Holidays with dogs in Soldeu

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    • Holidays with dogs in Soldeu

      We are regulars in Soldeu, and we can't wait to come back again next year. This time we would like to come with our two Huskies as they are finally big enough to travel, and we feel it would be selfish to go for holidays in mountains and not to take our arctic breed dogs with us. It's seems that the accommodation shouldn't be a problem but our dogs do need long walks lots of exercise and running around and we can't find any information about such activities. Could you give us some tips or advise. Thank you.
    • Puppies....accomodation?

      Hi Kat,
      Could you help me? I booked accomodation and ski school for my grandson. Since I booked I bought two adorable Yorkie puppies but I cannot take them in my accomodation. They tell me there are Nurseries you know any or have you any advice as I would dearly love to have them with me or nearby. :love:
    • Hi Rae Lord,

      Thanks for your post. Unfortunately we aren't aware of any dog nurseries or doggy daycare facilities in Soldeu. There might well be people who would be willing to look after your Yorkies for you, however I'm afraid this isn't something which we are able to arrange.

      Apologies we are unable to help you on this ocassion, but good luck in your search.

      Best wishes,