Snow conditions

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    • Snow conditions

      Hi. We came skiing at the start of February 2015 & had a fantastic holiday. We would like to book again next season. Please can you advise whether the snow cover/skiing conditions would be better over the New Year (28 December) or at Easter (28 March). Are the snow cannons used at both these times or is it too warm in March for them to function? We would really value your views. Thanks
    • It's a little down to luck, but usually better quality snow at New Year than at the end of March as at the end of season it's usually quite warm so the snow gets soft by lunchtime.

      It's still great at the end of season because the sun's out and you can sunbathe whilst skiing, but you just have to come prepared knowing you might not ski all day.

      End of March is usually too late for the snow cannons to be running.