Delayed flight

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    • Delayed flight

      Hi, I've been putting of booking our transfer. Am I right in thinking that if our flight gets delayed in the uk and it means we miss our transfer we'd have to pay again? I'm thinking of hiring a car for this reason, do you know of any good hire companies that won't charge me for taking the car out of Spain as I've read people have ended up paying a fortune for this reason.
    • Hi Nic

      With our shared transfers if you miss the bus then you can take a later one, subject to availability, and you don't need to pay again. You can either turn up for the next bus and chance it or call ahead to change your booking.

      If you opt for car hire check our Avis and Atesa as I've used them before and no need to pay to take to Andorra, although always best to check before you book and get it in writing.

    • Delayed Flight Contingency Planning

      Our planned itinerary would have us arrive TLS from London at 17:45pm - plenty of time to catch the bus and 20:00. However, we would have a very short layover in London with concern for a missed connection. If we have to take lodging in Toulouse, what can be done to get an early morning transfer to our hotel in Soldeu?

      Thank you for your advice.

    • Thanks Steve,

      I saw that the morning bus was at 11am. We are only planning a short stay and would want to get to the resort as early as possible in the day. We are looking for a more reliable connection itinerary now.