Lift passes for Non Skiers?

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    • Lift passes for Non Skiers?


      We are planning to come to Soldeu in January - and whilst myself and the kids ski - my wife doesn't.

      Are there any lifts / gondolas she could use to get closer to see the kids skiing? If so - how far could she get?

      Are there any restaurants or cafe's on the mountain which she could get to and is there anything else she could do on the mountain e.g. SkiDoos?

      Finally - are there any pedestrian style passes she could buy / or a pay per use type system - as it doesn't seem worth her paying for a full lift pass for the week?

      Many thanks
    • Hi arrow77

      She can take a pedestrian pass which last season cost €9 per round trip - this allows her to go to the top of the gondola and back down, so she can see you guys on the flat area by the school.

      There are a couple of restaurants up there with large sun terraces, so you can eat together and she can relax inside or outside depending on the weather.

      As for activities, yes there are lots - dog sledding, snowmobiles (skidoos), snowshoeing, spa, shopping... or paintballing and archery!!