PCR testing

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    • PCR testing


      This may be an unusual question, and you may not know the answer, but worth an ask.

      What has prompted me to ask today, is that I have just read that skier numbers are not likely to be restricted during the season( which is genuinely great news for the season), but for the school mholidays times the demands on local amenities will be challenging, as it is always so busy over these times.

      For context, i/we have visited Soldeu/El Tarter/Canillo for approx 10 of the last 12 seasons (UK Half terms) so am familiar with Andorra travel.

      We are currently booked to arrive in BCN in February and then driving to Soldeu. Accomodation is also booked, but no other extras ( kit/passes/lunch etc).

      However, currently UK Govt are insisting on travellers returning to UK to have PCR test 48-72 hours before returning and re-entering UK, for all double jabbed citizens. This advice may well change between now and February, but am trying to get my head round the likelihood of being able to actually complete the trip.

      Therefore my question is 2 fold :- Do you know if/where there will be this facility in Andorra to obtain PCR/AntiGen test result, and will Andorra actually have the capability to handle such numbers given the relatively small size of their existing population/infrastructure?

      As I write this I am also wondering how visitors would get to any PCR test areas ( if theyre not located in Grandvalira area, but perhaps Encamp or A La Vella)), as the vast majority arrive by Tour Operator coaches and/or AndBus. Will this be a practical proposition?

      The thought of having to drive out of Andorra back into Spain, to get a PCR test is not too pleasurable, particularly as it will be right in the middle of the weeks skiing, and would also assume it would need to be completed during 'office hours'.

      Would mobile test centres be a consideration...but they would be extremely busy on Thursday/Friday, and may become overwhlemed??

      We dearly want to come skiing, but increasingly feel there may be too many 'barriers' to overcome.

      Sorry if I am rambling on, but i keep thinking of more and more reasons that will may the trip untenable, so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

      Many thanks

      Brian ?( ?( ?(
    • Hi Brian

      This is a great question! It's something we're discussing with the national tourist board to make sure everything has been planned in advance of the ski season, but as yet we don't have any confirmed answers.

      There are very good testing facilities in Andorra, catering both for locals as well as for tourists, however you are correct in pointing out that in a "normal" ski season the numbers of people involved are much higher.

      We will of course be posting updates as we learn more and things become confirmed, so please bear with us. Our Covid page hasn't been fully updated for a little while now, although this should be done in the next couple of weeks, but so much can change between now and the ski season it is just a guide - you can find our Covid page here.

      Please do ask if you have any other questions.

    • Thanks for the update Steve, I will keep checking your website.

      It is great to know that Covid ‘practicalities’ are being considered at a high level.

      Stay safe, anad keep,our fingers crossed for the upcoming season.
    • COVID Testing

      Last post on this subject is Sept and we are travelling into Andorra in less than a month. Where can we book testing for our travel home at Soldeu or Pas de la Casa? The website still says it is being discussed.
    • Covid Entry requirements

      Hi Steve(team)

      Desperate to come in February ( flights & accom booked), but no ‘extras’ yet.

      Is U.K. NHS Covid Passport currently recognised in Andorra? Ie if we land at BCN, can we enter Andorra?