Skiing Before We Arrive

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    • Skiing Before We Arrive


      We're looking to book a ski holiday to Andorra next year, but I was wondering whether it was worth getting my kids started on some beginner ski lessons before we go? I'm looking at some beginner courses like these ones.

      Is this worth it, or are my kids just as well learning when we get out there? With all the money and time we're investing into planning the holiday, I want to make sure we get the most out of this holiday as possible. My thought was that we'll get more out of this if my kids are already comfortable wih skis - is that the best way to think???

      Thanks in advance :)
    • Hi Karen

      Yes, it's absolutely worth getting lessons at an indoor slope before you come to Andorra for your ski holiday. Your kids will get the basics so when they start ski school in Soldeu they won't have to start right from the beginning, so will get much more from their first trip to the mountains.

      We can help you book your whole holiday, or just the bits you need.

      Just ask if you have any other questions.