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  • Hi! Yes you can email the school still at the address you have, but it's not usually monitored until later in the year closer to winter. Steve

  • Hi Daniel Sorry for the delay, we missed this post. Yes you can collect the passes from any of the Grandvalira ticket windows. You don't need a photo for the passes. Steve

  • Hi Rick There's a large locker room on the ground floor of the gondola building in the centre of Soldeu, with lockers to rent for around €10/day, but they can't be pre-booked. Steve

  • Yes you can pay by card - there is a desk with somebody there to help and take the payment, then you have the key to use your locker as required. Steve

  • Hi there! Great question for somebody new... and the answer is yes, you wear your ski boots going on the gondola, and same in bars and restaurants on the mountain too. Steve

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    It is linked to your credit card so you can just use it. Steve

  • Hi Gaz Take the chairlift or gondola up in Tarter, and you have two chairlifts going further up. Take Llosada chair (the one on the right). From here take Cortalets to Colibri chair. You're now in Encamp sector. From here traverse across to take Colibri slope or Enradort, down to Llac de Cubil. This chair will take you to Grau Roig sector. From the top of Grau Roig take Cami de Pessons down into Grau Roig. The very top of this run is a tiny bit of black, but it's ok for a traverse across it onto…

  • Soldeu is a great village for ski holidays. Are you looking for hotel recommendations? Steve

  • Hi Chris There isn't a specific school for toddlers, but if you phone the school they may be able to assist with a taster lesson, although it is still very young. You can find the school contact details here. Steve

  • There isn't a free ski bus, but the public bus runs every 20 minutes - it is the bus between Pas de la Casa and Andorra la Vella. Steve

  • Hi Mick You need to choose Incles as your destination, then Hotel Parador Canaro is listed as a stop. Steve

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    No, you wouldn't, but you can buy a "5 from 7" non consecutive lift pass which means you can take a day off from skiing. Steve

  • There are generally gluten free options in restaurants in Soldeu, but Fat Albert's is great, they have gluten free menu and even include pizzas and burgers! It's just off the main street behind Hotel Himalaia. Steve

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    Hi Tomas Yes, from the EU it is fine, but not from the UK. Steve

  • PCR testing - - The Place For Anything Else!


    Hi Brian Yes the UK's NHS Covid QR code is accepted in Andorra. You just need to meet the entry requirements of Spain, which currently is to be fully vaccinated. Steve

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    Hi Simoore We have been waiting for the details, but have finally been able to publish the details, which you can now find on this page. Steve

  • Hi Tanya We have just this evening put a new page live with this info, which you can find here. Steve

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    Hi Ray You can if it's private lessons, but not as group lessons. However, please note that it's always recommended to split adults and children because you have different learning styles and energy/stamina, so you'll progress at different speeds. That being said, if you want to be together that's fine, but your instructor would go at the pace of the slowest person. If you want to book private lessons please send us a message from the contact form with your dates/number of hours etc. and we can …

  • PCR testing - - The Place For Anything Else!


    Hi Brian This is a great question! It's something we're discussing with the national tourist board to make sure everything has been planned in advance of the ski season, but as yet we don't have any confirmed answers. There are very good testing facilities in Andorra, catering both for locals as well as for tourists, however you are correct in pointing out that in a "normal" ski season the numbers of people involved are much higher. We will of course be posting updates as we learn more and thing…

  • Hi Karen Yes, it's absolutely worth getting lessons at an indoor slope before you come to Andorra for your ski holiday. Your kids will get the basics so when they start ski school in Soldeu they won't have to start right from the beginning, so will get much more from their first trip to the mountains. We can help you book your whole holiday, or just the bits you need. Just ask if you have any other questions. Steve